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Western Fashion Accessories

BW-27 Western Fashion PINKERTON DETECTIVE Badge

BW-27 Western Fashion PINKERTON DETECTIVE Badge

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Pinkerton National Detective Agency badge.

Alan Pinkerton established his private detective agency in 1850. The company logo was an open eye and the motto: "We never Sleep." Agency operatives tracked outlaws all over the country. Everyone from the Jesse James gang to the Butch Cassidy gang (the Wild Bunch) was hunted by Pinkerton posse's. Since they were a private agency, they were hired by the banks and the railroads to eliminate the criminals who preyed on these big business enterprises. Because of this Pinkerton could hire the best rackers, horseman and marksmen. Two of the most famous Pinkerton agents were Charlie Siringo and the legendary Tom Horn. As a result of Pinkerton's efforts, there were few safe havens for outlaws in the west after 1900. This is the badge of these tireless men. 


Child's toy.

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